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  • Small, low-power, real-time image processing engine

  • Capable of tracking up to 8 colorful objects at 30 frames/sec

  • User-definable color map to track up to 8 different colors

  • Tracked image resolution of 88 x 144 pixels

  • AVRcamVIEW PC software allows for quick and easy testing/calibration of the system

  • AVRcamVIEW supported under both Windows and Linux

  • NEW v1.1 of the hardware is in beta testing, and will be available by the end of November

Eye-Bo 2 and Eye-Bo 3

  • Robot developed to enter the Chibots line-following competition

  • Eye-Bo 2 uses a CMUcam camera module to track the line visually at 16.7 frames/sec

  • NEW Eye-Bo 3 uses the AVRcam camera module to track the line visually at 30 frames/sec!

  • Dual-motor drive + servo steering for fast reaction time on the track

  • NEW A new line-tracking control algorithm was developed in the wee hours of the morning before the 11/14/2004 Chibots contest, which enabled MUCH better tracking (thanks to Mark Sauerburger for staying up and working on the challenge with me...videos of the late night tests will be posted soon!)


  • Team of 3 robots that play the game of tag with each other autonomously

  • Allowed for multiple experiments in cooperative activities between a team of robots

  • Developed as a year-long senior project at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

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