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AVRcam Manual (Updated 10/16/2005)

AVRcam User's Manual v1.4

AVRcam Embedded Software (Updated 1/16/2005)

The AVRcam software is released as open-source under the GNU General Public License (GPL).  If interested in alternative licensing options, please contact JROBOT.

AVRcam release 1.4 embedded source code (with executable)

Improvements in version 1.4 (from the included README file):

Whats New in v1.4:
    -Greatly improved the issue where the AVRcam would potentially
    lock up in particular situations (especially after lots of frame
    dumps). This was due to a combination of bugs, which have all been fixed:
    -turned off interrupts in certain critical sections that were missed
    -only allow PCLK to be piped into timer1 when needed (i.e., when dumping
    a line or tracking a frame).
    -allowed the main executive to check both the fast event bitmask as well
    as the normal event queue on each pass of the main executive
    -Improved how the colorMap gets written to EEPROM. Now, before
    each byte in the colorMap is written to EEPROM, a check of the
    current value in EEPROM is made to see if the old value matches
    the new value. If so, the write is skipped. Also, after a value
    is written, it is read back to ensure that it is correct, and
    will re-write up to three times if needed.
    -Moved the UART rx ISR to the UartInterface.c file, instead of having
    it in its own UartInterfaceAsm.S file. The ISR is in C now.
    -Added a revision history to each source file so that people can
    see the changes on a per-version basis.

NEW!!! As is a version of the FrameMgr.c file that is optimized for line-tracking (i.e., there is a one line code change that automatically creates a new tracked object after the current tracked object reaches 17 pixels in height...thus, a tracked line is broken up into 8 different tracked objects, the follow the contour of the line ahead).

AVRcam ATtiny12 Embedded Software (Updated 5/2/2005)

NEW!!! Several people have requested more information about the software in the ATtiny12 AVR that resides on the AVRcam.  The tiny12 is used to enable to external gating of the 17.7 MHz oscillator on the OV6620, so it can be supplied to the mega8.  Please note: This software is based on an app-note released by Atmel, and is thus is not being released under the GPL.  It has been modified somewhat, but hopefully makes enough sense (the original app-note comments are all still there).  It was written in AVR assembler (not the same as the GCC assembly), since the tiny12 isn't easily supported by GCC.

Download the software here.

AVRcamVIEW PC Software (Updated 6/16/2005)

AVRcamView release 1.7 PC source code

NEW! As is an ANT build script that can be used for building the AVRcamVIEW software under Mac OSX

AVRcam System Software Suite (Updated 12/19/2005)

This is the complete ISO image from the CD shipped with the AVRcam...its about 83 MB.

AVRcam System Software Suite CD image

Linux RPMs for the AVRcamVIEW application can be found here...this is a temporary fix until a new ISO image is available.

AVRcam Hardware

AVRcam v1.1 schematic

I2C Test Application (used to bit-bang an I2C interface from a PC's parallel port...Originally provided by Omnivision)

Don't want the latest and greatest? 

Past versions of the AVRcam Manual, embedded software, AVRcamVIEW software, and the AVRcam System Software Suite ISO are still available

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