AVRcam version 1.4 released

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AVRcam version 1.4 released

Postby Guest » Mon Jan 17, 2005 8:26 am

Just to update those of you who browse the forum...

I finally had time this past weekend to pull together the latest release of the AVRcam embedded firmware (v 1.4). This release has several improvements/bug fixes, and is available at:


From the README:

Whats New in v1.4:
-Greatly improved the issue where the AVRcam would potentially
lock up in particular situations (especially after lots of frame
dumps). This was due to a combination of bugs, which have all been fixed:
-turned off interrupts in certain critical sections that were missed
-only allow PCLK to be piped into timer1 when needed (i.e., when dumping
a line or tracking a frame).
-allowed the main executive to check both the fast event bitmask as well
as the normal event queue on each pass of the main executive

I'll be curious to hear if this has completely fixed the issue (I haven't
seen it happen after ~500 frame dumps, but the real test is when
others try it :-). Also note: an input voltage below 6 volts will
cause the system to work sometimes and lock up others. The input voltage
regulator really wants to see a 6V minimum. I had drained
8 AA NiMH batteries down to where they were only providing ~4.8 V at the
input. The system worked for a little while, and then started locking
up. I immediately changed batteries and everything was fine.

-Improved how the colorMap gets written to EEPROM. Now, before
each byte in the colorMap is written to EEPROM, a check of the
current value in EEPROM is made to see if the old value matches
the new value. If so, the write is skipped. Also, after a value
is written, it is read back to ensure that it is correct, and
will re-write up to three times if needed.

-Moved the UART rx ISR to the UartInterface.c file, instead of having
it in its own UartInterfaceAsm.S file. The ISR is in C now.

-Added a revision history to each source file so that people can
see the changes on a per-version basis.

Take the time to update your current AVRcam executable...I think you'll find this one to be much more robust.

Also, be on the lookout for a new version of the AVRcamVIEW software soon. The new version will have several additions, including a new Color Map entry mechanism that is MUCH better than a ton of check boxes :-)

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