Video of AVRcam guiding my line-following robot

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Video of AVRcam guiding my line-following robot

Postby Guest » Tue Jan 25, 2005 9:48 pm

Hello all,
I just uploaded a video of my Eye-Bo 3 line-following robot running a test course with the AVRcam providing visual tracking of the line at 30 frames/second. This was put together for the Chibots advanced line-following contest back in November 2004. I used a slightly modified (1 line added to FrameMgr.c) version of the AVRcam software to create a new tracked object after a tracked object reaches ~18 pixels in height. This allows the line to be segmented into 8 different tracked objects, which provides the contour of the line ahead. The AVRcam was positioned to look about 2 feet in front of the bot, so it knew what lay ahead...Worked very well...

The video can be found on the main EyeBo page:

or directly to the video:

The bot was actually running faster in the final competition (the video shows a test run at around 1:00 AM the night before the contest). The course is purposefully filled with zig-zags, fairly tight turns, discontinuities, straight sections, etc, to see how well it could track each of the different lines. This was a reasonable approximation of the actual course, which can be seen at the bottom of the Eyebo.html page referenced above.

For the Spring 2005 Chibots contest, I'm completely re-doing the drive system of the bot to make it much better. But the AVRcam shall remain as my primary line-following sensor...more to come soon!

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