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Postby tiy135 » Mon Mar 17, 2008 12:58 pm


I just tried to attached AVRcam through a COM-to-USB
interface and it did not work. Previously, I attached the
camera through regular COM port (COM1) and everything was
OK but now I have to use this USB-based COM (COM2).

hyperterminal: connects but does not return anything
neither ACK nor NACK after PG\n etc

AvrcamView: connects to COM2, does not give timeout error
but when pressing "ping" nothing happens, when pressing
"capture" seems to go into an endless loop.

The USB- COM adapter is Silicon Labs CP210x chipset USB to
UART bridge. Windows XP, it works fine by itself (I tested it on AVR
programmer boards including self-made ones and
STK500--adapter works fine as regular COM port at 115kbps).

Did any one ever have problem like that with USB-COM adapters?

Thanks for your input.
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