New accounts on JROBOT

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New accounts on JROBOT

Postby johno » Sat Jan 20, 2007 10:09 am

And the battle continues...

I'm continuing to fight the silly spambots that try to post to the forums. It appears as though most of the problems are coming from spambots that create a single account, post a single message, and never come back. So...

I currently am not allowing new accounts to be created (basically, no new usernames can be added at this time). So people who previously had accounts setup are still active and should be able to post without a problem.

For new accounts: Lets try this...send me an email at john<at> with a username, and I'll setup the account for you and email you back (the password will be the same as the username). Then, you can log-in and change the password, and you should be set to post. I know that there is a feature in phpBB for requiring email confirmation automatically, but then for every spambot I'd get an email, and my guess is that would be a ton. I'll try to respond quickly to these requests.

Thanks for your patience with this issue, and if you know anyone running a spambot, please smack them for me :-)
-John O
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