exploring avrcam, trying to dump BW image

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exploring avrcam, trying to dump BW image

Postby arvind » Wed Sep 27, 2006 4:56 am

Am using Atmega8535 at 16MHz. I just want to dump a BW image on to PC. After going through the AVR-cam code and ov6620 datasheet, i have figured out an approximate algorithm but am not sure about it.
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write 0x20 to register 0x14 to reduce frame size
write 0x80 to register 0x12 to choose YUV format
write ???? to register 0x11 to reduce frame rate

wait until VSYNC goes low
wait until HREF goes high
while HREF remains high
   wait until PCLK goes high
   read port y and transmit serially to PC
   wait until PCLK goes low

   if(row<178 row++;
   else row=0;

if(col<146) col++;
else col=0;

Also i have a doubt regarding register 0x11. Say i write 0x01 to it,
then according to the formula given in the datasheet,
[ 17.7/ ((1+1)*2) ] /2 =2.2125MHz. Is this right??

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