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Automated color map setting.

PostPosted: Sat May 13, 2006 12:43 pm
by JIMc
I see how to tell my camera how to track colors.
I see how to set the colors to track.

But to get the color numbers you need to use the PC software and do the whole mouse thing to get the numbers you want.

So lets say I want to have the camera self calibrate for different lighting conditions. Would I:
Aim camera so I am positive that the color I am after is centered to the camera frame.
Perform frame dump.
Somehow find the colors of the central pixel.(how?...)
Use those numbers to set my color map and expand colors as necessary.

I don't see it, but is there an easier (quicker) way to get information from a pixel without an entire frame dump? (Without rewriting firmware)...

Little fuzzy on the frame dump formatt. I will look up Bayer. I guess I will grab packet #38. Then get the pixel info for pixel #88.

High nibble: Green pixel value of the even rows
Low nibble: Red or Blue pixel value of the odd rows

Confused about:
Where is the Green pixel value of the odd rows?
Where is the R/B pixel value of the even rows?